Anniversary Overnighter REVISED!

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Anniversary Overnighter REVISED!

Product Description

Our signature terry-cloth Overnighter Cache with pink trim and pink Forever Spring logo packed with 12 superb products for travel. Bag offers two zippered sides that unfold and snap shut with terry-cloth handles. Fits all your products and still fits into a suitcase.

The Anniversary Overnighter includes:

Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster 1oz
Retrieve for the Face 1oz
Ginseng & Vitamin C Cleansing Gel 1.7oz
Honey Almond Apricot Scruffer 1.7oz
Baby Soft Facial Clay 1.7oz
Super Rich Emollience 1.7oz
Ambrosia Skin Refresher 4oz
Foaming Body Polish 4oz
Body Satin Massage Oil 4oz
Sense of Spring Body Dust 1.7oz
Premier Soft & Hydrating Hand Creme 3.4oz
Textured Exfoliating Bath Gloves Pair

Tip! Retrieve and Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster should not be used at the same time. We recommend using Retrieve overnight allowing the alpha & beta hydroxy acids to do their job without exposure to the sun. AHA acids can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Apply Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster to clean skin for the perfect first application to your daytime skincare regimen. The oxygenated liposomes deliver instant hydration and will continue to nourish skin after makeup is applied.

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