Anniversary Travel Cache w/ Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster!

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Anniversary Travel Cache w/ Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster!

Product Description

Connie’s signature Grey & White Travel Cache jam-packed with 10 incredible products! The antioxidant power of Vitamin C is in this set plus some!

Collection includes:

Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster 1oz
Ginseng & Vitamin C Cleansing Gel 6oz
Cucumber Refresher Tonic & Tighten 3.3oz
Honey Almond Apricot Scruffer 1.7oz
Baby Soft Facial Clay 1.7oz
Super Rich Emollience 1.7oz
Firm It Gel 1.7oz
Premier Soft & Hydrating Hand Creme 3.4oz
Oatmeal and Cream Soap 4oz
Textured Bathing Gloves Pair

Ginseng & Vitamin C Cleansing Gel is made with the finest Ginseng in the world to help soothe the skin. Then formulated with Vitamins C, A, and E. Rich cleansing gel that helps to eliminate surface debris and impurities with a deep, non-drying cleansing action. The deep cleansing formula helps to replenish your skin with moisturizing nourishment and protective antioxidants. An incredible skin brightener!

From the Garden Sanctuary Spa line, Connie’s Cucumber Refresher Tonic & Tighten will tone and tighten pores, helping to reduce their appearance. Combined with Witch Hazel, soothing Cucumber Extract, and other natural moisturizers, your face will look smooth, and feel fresh and dewy.

Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster delivers an instant hydrating ‘drink’, fighting free radicals that contribute to the signs of premature aging, and delivering nourishment to each and every cell. Liposomes, the most efficient skin care delivery system, work together with Glycoproteins (Revitalin-BT), Mandarin Orange Extract, Bee Pollen, and Phospholipids to prepare your skin for its daily regimen.

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