Coffee Mug Gift Set

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Coffee Mug Gift Set

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Have you taken 10 minutes for yourself today? Gentle reminder: We all need some time to ourselves!

Cute gift set for you to enjoy a morning cup of joe or tea while doing your cleansing routine. Includes our new Forever Spring 11oz Coffee Mug with Connie’s gorgeous face and inspiring quote. Mug is dishwasher safe. Also includes a cute Door Pillow: Shhhh… I’m taking ten minutes for myself today….

Included inside the Coffee Mug:

Collagen Facial Cleanser 1.7oz
Honey Almond Apricot Scruffer 1.7oz
Baby Soft Facial Clay 1.7oz

Our collagen-fortified and vitamin-enriched cold cream Cleanser with a delightful, light lemon scent will deeply cleanse without drying or irritating, even removing waterproof mascara without fuss. It leaves skin clean, smooth and supple. Apply to damp skin in upward circular motions then gently wipe clean with a warm washcloth.

Using the finest freshly ground natural ingredients, including honey, cornmeal, & oatmeal, our Scruffer is gentle and soothing as it exfoliates; sloughing off dry skin cells, leaving you with a smooth even complexion. Great for all skin types, but an absolute must for oily skin, as it helps to keep the pores clean.

The clay mask helps restore elasticity to your facial skin while reducing enlarged pores and refining skin texture. It nourishes and firms the skin tissue, lightens lines and draws out puffiness around the eyes by reducing water retention. When you need that extra lift, nothing will make you look and feel better than the Baby Soft Facial Clay.

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