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Fisher Stevens Beauty TRIPLE CROWN

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A skincare trifecta! A $95 VALUE.

The ingredients for beautiful skin are packaged within these jars and we offer this bundle at a substantial savings over purchasing these items individually. The Fisher Stevens Beauty TRIPLE CROWN includes one each:

Collagen Facial Cleanser 4oz
Collagen Skin Quencher 4oz
Ginseng Facial Feed 4oz

Collagen Facial Cleanser will leave skin clean, soft, and supple. Gentle but still removes even mascara without fuss and the light lemon scent is refreshing.

Collagen Skin Quencher is our famous vitamin-rich, collagen and elastin formulated gel. Skin soaks it up adding moisture and nutrients for softness with a healthy glow.

Ginseng Facial Feed is our top-selling product. It is a highly penetrating and deeply moisturizing food supplement for the skin made from a unique formulation of herbs and vitamins and enriched with collagen and elastin. Includes ginseng extract renowned for its promotion of healing and vitamins A & E along with superb emollients that leave skin nourished and supple. This product helps to diminish the appearance of age lines and is excellent for all skin types. Use daily.

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