Imaging Eye Lighter – Brushed Rose 5g

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Imaging Eye Lighter – Brushed Rose 5g

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Brighten those eyes with sheer, soft, subtle shades of long lasting color. Eye Lighters are available in a wide range of colors from a soft “Doe” to a stunning “Whisper of Mauve”. “Taylor” is rich in color yet subtle in its intensity. “Morning” is light and natural. Fourteen delightful shades to choose from.

Benefits: Vibrant Shades, Easy Application, Long Lasting, Wide range of colors.

How to Use: Using an eye shadow applicator, apply your eye lighter by starting on the eye lid and working your way up. For Sheer coverage: apply to dry skin, for more dramatic color apply to a damp lid. For a professional tip, Use a light color on the lid and a darker color in the crease, apply a neutral shade below the brow.

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