When Connie first introduced her products on the home shopping network I watched for months every time she was on. After the 5th or 6th month of watching I decided to try the time machine and have been a customer since! Love your products Connie!

L.C., Selden, NY

This is absolutely the ONLY product out there that works on my daughter, Linzy’s, dry skin–she’s been using it since high school and is now graduating from college and getting married–she has always been beautiful and looks like she just stepped off the cover of a magazine but struggled with really dry skin. Since using this product (recommended by a friend of mine) she constantly gets compliments on her skin–thank you thank you thank you–another of my six daughters appears to have the same dry skin as Linzy and now I’m starting her on this product–so glad to know where to go this time around!

D.S., Lorton, VA

I have used your Collagen and Ginseng since it was 1st shown on HSN I will soon be 67 years old, and I look years younger then my friends and family members that are my age or even younger the I am. I love the creams, Thank You so much for making them available.

S.P., St. Charles, MO

Connie first used your products off HSN and boy have I missed you. Time to return to Forever Spring! Being in the field of aesthetics I find your products to be a “cut above” and believe in them. I wanted to thank you for your involvement and caring about our Military. Being a mother of an active Marine in the Infantry our men and women serving, and who have served, are close to my heart. God Bless them for their service and God Bless you Connie for caring. Semper Fi!

D.K., Alabaster, AL

I have been a devoted client for over 15 years and my skin shows it! I love Forever Spring and sincerely hope that the product line is never discontinued, as I simply do not know what I would do. New packaging has been launched and some products are going by the way side I see, but that is only progress for the Forever Spring skin care line. You have a customer for life and we have a long way to go, as I am only 44 years of age. Have a wonderful day! Kind regards,

T. W., August 29, 2012

Years ago went to a dermatologist and was told I have beautiful skin – then asked “what do you use???” said your products – [sure your sales went up haha] I am now 74 and still told I have beautiful skin by many young women. Thank You for your products.

J.S., North Cape May, NJ

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