The Travel Cache 2023

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The Travel Cache 2023

Product Description

Our sturdy Grey & White Travel Cache is packed with 10 best sellers. Revised for 2023 with a new combined value of over $140, this special offer contains the following:

  • Ambrosia Skin Refresher 4oz
  • FS Collagen Facial Cleanser 2oz
  • Honey Almond Apricot Scruffer 1.7oz
  • Baby Soft Facial Clay 1.7oz
  • FS Collagen Skin Quencher 2oz
  • FS Ginseng Facial Feed 2oz
  • Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster 1oz
  • Retrieve for the Face 1oz
  • Spring Hair Shine 1oz
  • Textured Bath Gloves Pair

Tip! Retrieve and Mandarin Liposome Oxygen Booster should NOT be used at the same time.  We recommend using Retrieve overnight allowing the alpha & beta hydroxy acids to do their job without exposure to the sun.  AHA acids can make skin more sensitive to the skin.



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