When Boy Meets Girl


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When Boy Meets Girl

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When Boy Meets Girl, a duet of Forever Spring’s signature fragrances, Kali for her and Kiyak for him.

Kali Eau de Parfum 3.4oz
Kiyak Cologne for Men 3.4oz

KALI Eau De Parfum
Find The Hidden Goddess In You…
For the woman who still believes in Spring Fever… this exquisitely feminine fragrance is a masterful blend of crisp, lofty top notes that finds you in the breeze of a warm, refreshing southern night.

FRESHLY POURED! Exquisitely scented. Our Eau De Parfum is richly fragranced with 20% KALI Oil made from 100% essential oils. There are no synthetic oils used in this masterful blend.

The brilliant top note finds it’s signature in a sunny bouquet of living fruit and flowers notes…inspired by my beautiful flower gardens and personal floral arrangements. Delicate Lily-of-the-Valley and green hyacinth offer light floralcy…combined with ethereal peony. A cool, fresh air accord mingled with hints of herbs bring a soft, natural element to the heart of the fragrance. It’s complex touch of oriental and amber notes bring sensuality, warmth and long lastingness.

It’s for the woman who refuses to stop looking around every corner for her own force and individuality.

Kali EDP 3.4oz is a spray bottle.

Kiyak… catch the spirit! Rugged… virile… sensitive… a timeless cologne created with the spirit of the wind.. and bold in essence. Inspired by the richness and tranquility of the rain forest, this alluring scent is a blend of lush vetiver and coriander… mingled with lavender and sage. Hints of sandalwood and spice evoke sensuality, masculinity and gentility. Kiyak Cologne 3.4oz is a splash bottle with long-lasting scent.

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